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emergency incident planning

The most successful organisations, large or small, prepare themselves for all potential eventualities. SMS txt messaging is an ideal emergency incident planning communication tool. As everyone has their phone with them at all times, txt messaging provides the perfect rapid response mechanism in the event of a disaster or incident.

some facts:

At least 20% of all organisations will suffer fire, flood or storm, power failures, terrorism or hardware or software disaster. Of those without a business continuity plan: 43% will never re-open 80% fail within 13 months 53% of claimants never recoup the losses incurred by a disaster. Source: Aveco

Major systems downtime costs (15% Of Organisations) over £50,000 Per Hour. Source: Information Age

SMS is a powerful disaster contingency tool, which enables your organisation to:

  • communicate directly with all members of your organisation quickly and efficiently, from individuals & small groups to tens of thousands.
  • send safety alerts of areas to avoid
  • prevent unnecessary journeys and wasted time
  • contact ALL customers and staff instantly
  • send a message securely from your mobile via your ConnectTxt account to ALL customers or staff instantly, from wherever you are
  • provide a route for staff and students to contact you and your team
  • works even when network coverage is poor
  • in an unfolding situation send regular up-dates to advise all vested parties
  • pre-write message templates to allow quick, but well thought out messages to be sent by any member of staff

illustration of emergency planning process

illustration of the high consequence riskd facing the UK
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  • emergency planning

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