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ConnectTxt for conferences enables conference organizers to empower their audiences with a text a question, opinion or join a debate without having to stand up, identify themselves and wait for a roving microphone. This facility has been tried and tested at a number of conference events from 100 to 2000 delegates and can bring an interactive element to your conference.

Our unique 'inbox labels' facility allows conference organisers to poll attendees opinions, answer the most asked questions and allow quick and easy voting on issues, this is displayed in a continuously up-dating pie chart.

Here are some examples of conferences where this technology is being used:

  • BSEC
  • NAACE Conference
  • HandHeld Learning
  • MLearn
  • MoleNet Conference
  • Association of Colleges Anand NILTA annual conference
  • Learning Lab Seminar
  • The British Institute for Learning and Development Annual Conference
  • Learning Skills Council
  • Scottish Learning Festival
  • Teachmeet
  • Technology Enhanced Learning Summer School on M-Learning
  • BlackboardWorld 09. Washington DC , USA

MLearn 2008

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support throughout the mLearn 2008 conference. I was very impressed with the professionalism of your ConnectTxt for conferences service and as an organiser with a lot of information to convey to large groups of people, your system really made a positive difference to the conference. It left me confident in the knowledge that last minute changes were conveyed to my delegates in a timely and professional manner.
I was very impressed by the simplicity and ease of setting up your system and the ease in which information could be distributed, was excellent. ConnectTxt for conferences was very well received by the delegates (over 110 delegates) using the system and those who didn't use the system by and large were international delegates who had chosen to leave their mobile devices at home but were getting the information via friends and other delegates as they were keen to know what the messages were saying!
In a conference focusing on mobile technology such as mLearn 2008, it was wonderful to use interactive mobile technology in a practical and interactive manner and I would recommend this system to anyone organising an event, as an innovative and supportive tool. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Abi Redmond, MLearn 2008 Conference

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