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'time = money' use ConnectTxt in your business and you will save both time and money. With ConnectTxt you can contact any number of your team members, who may be anywhere in the world. Simply log on, select the group, compose the message and hit send, the task will take 3 minutes maximum, the message will hit their phones inside a minute and you will have a delivery report of all messages instantly.

In business ConnectTxt is used in three key areas: for general staff communications, opt-in target marketing and business continuity planning in case of emergency incident. ConnectTxt works securely on the Internet wherever you are in the world and data can be uploaded from any existing system.

Every day our clients send messages to make arrangements, to remind people, for when things change, for where information is needed, if there is an emergency. Their customers can txt in if they have a problem, to confirm or cancel arrangements, to ask for information, to send information or to make suggestions.

Problems are solved, absences explained, meetings are had on time, information is received, opinions are heard, room changes are communicated smoothly, unnecessary journeys avoided, results are distributed efficiently and without fuss to tens of thousands of people every day instantly and securely.

Our clients choose ConnectTxt for a number of key reasons:

  • unlimited number of contacts can be stored / unlimited numbers of messages can be sent
  • messages can be scheduled to arrive instantly or at any time in the future
  • contacts can be uploaded from any existing system
  • unlimited support - help is less than a 3 ring telephone call away
  • 2 way messaging - allowing interaction with the public and the team
  • simple to use, clever technology


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  • education

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  • health

    In healthcare ConnectTxt is used in three key areas: sending out test results, reminding patients of appointments and for general staff communications. Read more

  • public sector

    ConnectTxt is used in three key areas: general staff communications, for the public to send in messages and for emergency contingency planning. Read more

  • local authority

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  • business

    'time = money' - use ConnectTxt in your business and you will save both time and money. Read more

  • conferences

    ConnectTxt enables conference organisers to empower their audiences to text a question, opinion or join a debate without having to wait for a roving microphone. Read more

  • emergency planning

    Successful organisations prepare themselves for all eventualities. SMS txt messaging is an ideal emergency communication tool. Read more

2013 Business Continuity Awards Shortlist Mobile Data Association